I have made two service packages covering the design of one room. You can choose the package if the destination is a bedroom, study, children's room, living room, utility room or hallway. 

Each package includes a free evaluation visit, which maps the customer's style and wishes. If you have a larger unit or, for example, a kitchen or bathroom-sauna section, I will calculate an individual offer for the unit. A mileage allowance of 46 cents/km is added to the price.

Book an appointment for a free evaluation visit!

Interior design consulting During the consultation visit, style and wishes are mapped. Design of colors, lighting or surface materials. Renovation consulting. 

45 €/h 

+ alv 24%

Shopping help

Save your time and nerves, I'll take you to exactly the right place. Shopping help, for example, at a furniture or hardware store in the Pirkanmaa area. First, let's map out the style and budget with a free estimate visit.

35 €/h

+ alv 24%

Small help

Do you have a hard time deciding whether you want wallpaper or a painted wall?

 Are you getting confused by the many options? 

In this service package, you get limited surface material suggestions and options. You get clarity and unity in the space's color scheme. 

Suggestions for new furniture and rearrangement of old furniture. Does not include drawings, The customer writes things down himself. 

The duration of the visit is 1.5 hours. The visit includes a separate free evaluation visit, which maps the customer's style and wishes. 

170 €

+ alv 24%

 Large help

Are you coming up with a complete renovation of one room? This package is just for you. 

Contains accurate surface material plans with color codes and 2D images. 

You will receive a written summary. Visit duration 2 h + presentation of the plan (+free estimate visit). 

370 €

+alv 24%

Hour price 

I give an estimate of working hours after a free estimate visit. During the assessment visit, your style and wishes are mapped out, and the use of the space and its needs for change are considered. 


Three visits; Measurement and planning visit, viewing of material samples and presentation of the plan. 

3D model image of the space; Sketchup Pro computer image drawing or hand drawn with watercolors. 

Floor plan photos, accurate wall projection photos Materials list (prices of products, places of purchase) 

Requests for offers and orders for interior design products according to a separate agreement. 


+ alv 24%