Art available

I make unique paintings with acrylic colors to order. 

You will get the desired atmosphere on your wall. I use metallic shimmer colors for the Northern Lights boards, and the boards can also be made on a peat board. 


Akryyli, kankaalle



In the painting of this work, all the same rubbish that can be found in the sea has been used. Plastic caps, bubble wrap, etc. The seas are unique and their protection is really important. The garbage used for painting was naturally recycled in the plastic collection, and did not end up polluting the seas and nature. 

Arkyyli kankaalle 60 x 40 

Dream On

This work is currently the only one painted with acrylics on peat board, i.e. it is not Pouring style. Below the picture is information about Konto's turf boards. 

Konto's ecological acoustic panels produce excellent sound absorption. The main raw material of Konto's panels is peat, which has excellent moisture resistance and does not mold. 

Features: Damping level: A class M1 rating, no fragrances Fire class: E Thermal conductivity: 0.037 W/mK Material: peat Dimensions: 594 x 594 x 20 mm 


Akryyli, canvasille

Koko 50x70


Akryyli, canvasille

Koko 50 x 100



40 x 100


This wonderfully sparkling and summery painting is made on a large canvas.