Mitä Jesmonite on?

My Jesmonite interior products are a cement composite material - a combination of rock minerals and pure water-based acrylic resin. 

The combination of natural raw materials with a water-based pure acrylic polymer special mixture creates a unique material family with several product advantages that make Jesmonite better than other materials. 

Finer – Reproduces even the finest details 

More Eco-friendly – ​​Water-based, not solvent-based, so it's more environmentally friendly. Does not contain VOC compounds. 

More choice- Can be pigmented to any color or RAL reference Stronger – Strong, flexible and more durable, making it highly impact resistant. 

Lighter – Lighter than stone, glass concrete, sand and cement products 

Safer – Independent fire classification according to European fire classification EN 13510-1. Solvent-free without VOC compounds.

What are VOCs? 

VOCs refer to volatile organic compounds. The VOC abbreviation comes from the English words volatile organic compound. 

VOC compounds are one of the biggest causes of indoor air problems. There are many different types of these compounds, but even a single compound can be dangerous for humans and the environment, not to mention the combined effects of several different compounds. 

VOC compounds include, for example, aromatic hydrocarbons, halogenated compounds, esters, alcohols, and glycols. Typical examples of possible sources of VOC emissions are building materials (solvent and raw material residues), decoration materials (plastic carpets), detergents, cosmetics, petrol/diesel, cigarette smoke and exhaust gases. 

The VOC content of indoor air is influenced by, for example, industry, traffic, building age and ventilation. Low concentrations of VOC compounds mainly have odor problems. 

Higher concentrations may cause irritation and respiratory symptoms