How's the new year??


For the year 2024, there are too many different plans and dreams in my head again. They don't always all materialize, but I think you should always have dreams. They can also be very simple. They can be things that don't necessarily have to happen exactly next year. They can only be realized in a few years. Their implementation schedule is not relevant in any way. It is enough that the dreams exist.

Small dreams can be just such that you will be able to go to the cottage again when spring comes and listen to the silence. 

A few dreams are just about your own hobby in art. I would hope to develop one step further and realize something new.

One big dream is to renovate the home's bathroom and sauna section. It has always been moved forward one year at a time, but soon it has to be done. Now that I wrote it here, I would dream of realizing it within a couple of years. We definitely need to do a renovation in the summer time, so that we can set up some kind of excursion shower setup for the yard. Fortunately, you can get to the sauna at the cottage...

It's nice when the days start to lighten and we're swinging towards spring. Hopefully, 2024 will be better than its predecessor. I also hope that we could keep our dog Eppu with us for a long time. A year is a really long time in a dog's life and anything can happen during that time.

I wish you the best of luck in 2024!