YouTube threat or opportunity?


As I remember, I created a YouTube account in 2019 and at that time I did not upload content there yet. I don't want to be profiled as a tubettar and I initially thought of uploading presentations of the boards and the products I made there. They are apparently not interesting enough to people when only a handful of viewers have accumulated. I should probably be brave in the videos with my own face and tell more about my art, for example. There is just a really big threshold for that.

At the Ylöjärvi art event, people were really interested in my works and many nice discussions arose. Maybe people would like to hear more about the paintings presented by myself. Or about the making process itself. This process is really challenging to describe when the paintings are made horizontally...

Maybe I could describe some process, like this plant print. It's such a tedious thing that it probably won't happen for a while. It would be easier to describe, for example, the manufacturing process of Jesmonite objects. That could be interesting!

One idea would be to simply photograph the completion of such a quick watercolor and at the same time chat about something. 

It would take courage to make and publish this first video. I still vividly remember the time when I was terribly nervous about writing and publishing these posts. How exciting it was to write that first article and press the publish button. All this can be developed even in middle age. 

So what next? Maybe in the future I can see myself doing a painting tutorial on YouTube. Who knows.. It would probably be easiest to start that tutoral  in watercolor painting...